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It all started generations ago at a family farm in a hollow near an old oak tree. Moonshiners and bootleggers were prevalent throughout the region, the illegal trading spread far and wide, much further than the South. For some, moonshining was a family tradition they were born into like myself.


Great Grandpa Garfield, born in 1886 and started moonshining on the family farm back in the early 1900’s as a way to assist in feeding his family. It has been told that making of moonshine had been a family tradition since the early 1800’s.


Grandpa Odis, loved helping Great Grandpa Garfield make the shine, not to mention sampling the shine. He then starting making it on his own. After quite a few close calls of being caught, the Feds finally caught him. He was convicted of selling untaxed liquor, he was charged a couple of other times previously for possession of illegal liquor, but this time he was sentenced for illegally producing liquor.


I still remember the day when Grandpa Odis was at my farm telling me what steps it took to make the very best shine possible. I listened very carefully, then he told me exactly where his still was buried as he sipped from a bottle of corn whiskey. It is still buried there.


Years passed and next thing you know I own a distillery following my family footsteps. It is my obligation to keep the same family traditions and quality of liquors going forward for generations to come. (Legally)

How It Started

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